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Our main goal with the Community Art Gallery is to build relationships with local artists and support the local art community. The gallery hosts solo exhibits for 6 week time periods. The artists that exhibit with Corvilla donate a percentage of the gallery sales to Corvilla to help advance our mission to provide life-enhancing services that enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities while encouraging respect and dignity in the communities in which we live. They also set aside time to spend with Corvilla artists by providing a private tour for the artists that are part of our day services. This time together with local artists is what makes the Corvilla Community Art Gallery so meaningful. When you exhibit with Corvilla, you are doing so much more than selling your artwork. You are inspiring and building relationships with local artists that can struggle building connections without support.






135 E. University Dr,

Granger, IN, 46530


Monday - Friday






Jeremy & Jamie Parker of Wildwoods Workshop

January 3 - February 13

Bio Picture.jpg

The Artists of Wildwoods Workshop

Met through art, bonded over coffee and fell in love in the woods.


Jamie and Jeremy Parker reside in Northwest Indiana and wander the woods on weekly basis - exploring nature and being inspired. 

Jeremy’s style involves creating art through splatters of coffee, ink, watercolors and various mixed media - Turning randomness and chaotic nonsense into creative pieces of art, while working subconsciously through emotions. Creatively he is fueled by music, nature and life experiences.

Jamie creates wonderfully whimsical and delightful sculptures with polymer clay, moss, flowers and paint. They’re brought to life, piece by piece, to create an individual life all of their own.

In the coming years, Jamie & Jeremy are dedicated to pushing their artistic limits and expand on their creations. Keep learning, creating, inspiring and growing. 

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Join us Friday, January 19th for a night of fantastically weird and whimsical visual delights as the Corvilla Community Art Gallery host an Artist Reception for Jeremy and Jamie Parker of Wildwoods Workshop. 
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Corvilla Community Art Gallery -135 E University Dr, Granger, IN 46530



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